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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Pam Houston did a book signing recently at the fabulous independent Santa Fe bookseller, Collected Works, for her new title, ‘Contents May Have Shifted’. She had lots of interesting tidbits to share, not least of which being recognized in hot tub-full monty at Ten Thousand Waves, a local’s favorite spa in the mountains-definitely the downside of fame!

Her writing advice was less splashy but still evocative to the aspiring scribe: reflect on life glimpses you get from time to time (no pun intended), the moments when you go, huh, or huh? or wow, or whatever makes you pause. It could be a crazy stranger, a strange comment or a strung-out friend. A cloud formation. Anything.

For our most recent class prompt, I borrowed from Pam, suggesting we write about one glimpse or make a list to write about later, whichever inspired us. If anything, this exercise helps us take note of the little moments that we may otherwise overlook on a busy day, moments rich with possibility to make our stories ring true with authentic detail.