February 2nd, 2012


Since that hilarious movie of the same name came out, Groundhog Day means more to many of us than the question, “will winter’s remainder be mild or severe?” We now think of Groundhog Day as a time when the same thing happens over and over, with no stop in sight.

When I get a rejection in the mail, or more often now, in my in-box, I can’t help but think, it’s Groundhog Day! The letters are almost always the same, “Sorry but your project is not right for our list,” or, “After careful consideration….”

George Clooney has some great advice for actors. He told students at the Actor’s Studio, (I paraphrase), “You actors are the house–meaning the casino. You get nervous and down on yourself and worried you’ll blow it, but what are you really risking? You don’t have the job when you walk in, and chances are you won’t have the part when you leave. You’ve lost nothing.” When he realized this, auditions got a heck of a lot easier for him. And now that he is often the one doing the casting, he sees how nervous the folks are on his side of the table, worried they won’t find the right actor for the part, panicked money is hurtling out the window.

We writers are gamblers, too. We can waltz into the publishing casino and throw those dice without a second thought. And one of these days, our long winter of rejections will surely come to an end.