September 28th, 2012

Who among us has not had our proverbial noses pressed against the glass?

In Roald Dahl’s, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Charlie Bucket is accustomed to the outside window pane of the local candy shop. One day, he finds a golden ticket, providing him entrance to the great and mysterious chocolate factory, fulfilling a wish he almost dared not have, bringing him experiences beyond his wildest dreams.

Today I present you with a ‘golden’ ticket: one free chocolate at Todos Santos, the chocolate at the bottom of the stairs. We shall all go together and each person may choose a chocolate (or two if you just can’t decide, or three because it’s a nice number).

Then we will come back and write. Hopefully, your new treasure will inspire you to write a piece about:



wishes fulfilled.

Ponderings: Do we always have to be careful what we wish for? What if you or your character doesn’t get his or her wish, or doesn’t know what it is he or she really wants, or gets his wish but it doesn’t turn out as planned, or gets her wish and lives happily ever after? Or never wishes for anything. Or gets a wish fulfilled that someone else thinks he or she wants?

There is a quirky movie called, ‘The Fairy’. The movie opens with the protagonist riding his bicycle in the pouring rain. He’s going as fast as he can but the chain keeps falling off. He finally gives up and carries his bike to his destination—a motel where he works as a front desk clerk. A customer walks in. She says she is a fairy and will grant him three wishes. He doesn’t  hesitate with the first two: a scooter and free gas for life. This character’s choice of wishes reveals a lot about his ambitions in life, no? What does your character’s wish reveal about him/her?

P.S. The clerk’s third wish? Alas, the answer would spoil the story.

Note to our readers: Todos Santos doesn’t bother with the virtual universe—no website wanted or needed. It’s a parallel universe all its own ,where creativity, uniqueness, fun and deliciousness delight each of our senses. Todos is located in  Santa Fe’s ‘secret garden’, the downtown courtyard of Casa Sena, a centuries-old hacienda. Prepare to dream!

Todos Santos
125 E Palace Ave # 31
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2042
(505) 982-3855



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